bulk sms

Bulk SMS or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has come a long way from its origin when it was just being used for personal communication between two known persons. Nowadays Bulk SMS is being commercially used for communication between Business Owners and clients, Educational Institutions and students / parents, Financial Institutions and clients, Election Campaigning etc. Everybody is using it your competitors, small and big Companies then why not you.

Bulk SMS is widely used for product promotions, scheme intimation, transaction alerts, event information, information to registered user base etc. Lakhs of people can be intimated via SMS on their go and can get the information which the sender wants them to know at almost lightning spead. Bulk SMS as the term itself signifies is a web based platform for distribution of messages to mass at the click of some buttons which pushes predefined message content to a huge audience. The messages can be either pushed instantly or be scheduled for some later predefined time to be pushed by the application itself. The messages can be sent in many different languages via unicode and can also be sent in inbox or as a simple flash SMS. We do provide messages via web based panel and API strings to be integrated with your application via HTTP, XML etc.

Bulk SMS in India is basically classified into three major categories i.e. Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS and Voice SMS. Promotional SMS as the name signifies is basically used for the promotion of products, services, schemes etc. whereas transactional SMS are used to provide information to a registered client by the entity about a particular transaction or registration etc. Voice SMS on the other hand are pre-recorded voice messages pushed in bulk by an individual or entity for either promotion or information.

In India bulk SMS service providers provide numeric as well as branded sender-id’s for promotional route whereas branded sender-id’s for transactional route. Voice SMS are available with fixed as well as personalised numbers.