Nowadays the best way to do campaigns is bulk sms for election campaigns and political parties. With the rise in mobile phone users, many politicians are turning its way to connect with their audience through mobile as one cannot underestimate the power of mobile phones. You can start sending SMS to your audience before the main campaign. Win Election campaign by use of Bulk SMS and send reminders, updates, alerts like election dates, candidate information, voting awareness to general public etc. We provide bulk sms, voice sms, voice calls with caller ids, whatsapp sms services for election campaigns in india.

How Bulk SMS convenient to Political Campaigns?

  98% of high open rate. The reason behind this to recieve an SMS no need of internet connection like emails or other messages.

  Send SMS in Regional languages to voters/public.

  Notify all the team or party members of respective location on meet up via Bulk SMS or Voice Calls in one click.

  There is no doubt SMS reaches faster than door to door campaign and saves more time.

  Bulk SMS can help you to assembling large crowd for any campaign, meeting, rallies or protest.

  It has proven to be the most affordable form of marketing than other forms of marketing especially in comparable to traditional marketing.

The power of SMS Marketing is enormous. When done right it has unlimited potential. This year take your election campaign into whole next level.