bulk whatsapp marketing

Now send unlimited bulk Whatsapp message from our bulk Whatsapp sender software with no limits. “A video or picture is worth than thousand words. Enrich your Bulk Whatsapp Messages attaching a Image, Audio, Video or PDF.” After successful digital marketing trend, each and every individual and business organization is moving to a new platform of marketing that is Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. Most of the people now-a-days are using Smartphone’s for immediately reply messages and Whatsapp instant messaging app is the most preferred medium of communication.

Features of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service in India

  • Delivery on Whatsapp Enable Numbers No Hidden Charge
  • Easy To Use Web Panel
  • Delivery Report and User Whatsapp Status
  • Scrubbing / Filtering tool to remove non Whatsapp numbers
  • Send message on 100000 numbers at a time
  • 1 Credit = Text + Image + Pdf + Audio + Video+ V Card
  • API Available
  • Reseller Panel and White Label Solution available