transactional sms service in india

Transactional SMS service can only be used for sending messages such as OTP and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24/7 from your own 6-character Sender ID. This service is commonly used for sending informational messages. You can send SMS to any number both DND (Do Not Disturb) and Non-DND any time with Six Characters Sender ID. Transactional SMS route service can be used by Organizations to communicate with their customers, send notifications and for internal communication.

Transactional SMS are commonly used for information purpose by Educational Institute, Banks, financial institution, insurance company or Credit Card Company to its clients. Also travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation sent by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers. As well as Stock Market Alerts (Only to opted-in/subscribed customers).

SMSCart provides Transactional SMS service through multiple route operator routes. We have set-up a world class infrastructure with premium and non-premium gateways to cater the requirement of masses. Transactional SMS are template based SMS and ‘n’ amount of templates can be created in your account. You only need approval of your SMS provider and you can then get started with sending transactional alert SMS to the public.

Features of Transactional SMS service :

Why transactional SMS gateways are better:

  • Ability to send messages to DND numbers
  • Delivering urgent information to people is possible with transactional Bulk SMS
  • Unlike promotional SMS which suffer from time constraint, these SMS can be sent at anytime, without any time constraint.
  • Free API to integrate in your software’s, only pay for SMS credits; even you can enable IP authentication to whitelist /blacklist server ip.
  • Push Delivery report option is available.

Sending informational messages to the public is simple, quick and convenient. Being one of the leaders among transactional SMS providers in India, SMSCart with its team of experts assists in convenient delivery of information to the people. With Informative or Alert SMS, Companies can send important notifications to the public. For example, Airways and Railways can use these Alert SMS for sending ticket booking or PNR status, banks and other financial institutions can notify people about the balance left in their account and can also intimate about other necessary information, educational institutions can utilize the transactional messaging service for sending urgent notifications to students and parents.