To check the Delivery Reports of the messages which you send, follow the below-given steps: 1. Login into your SmsCart account. 2. Select the link Messaging >> Sent Messages option on the dashboard. 3. Select the date with time for which you want to display the delivery reports. 4. HereContinue Reading

You can follow the below-described steps to get the delivery report of short URL: 1. Log in to your account first.  2. Click on the Messaging >> Sent Messaging >> Track Export option. You will see all the created short URL and the detailed report of URL clicks with date, time andContinue Reading

FAILED MESSAGE There can be different reasons for the failure of an SMS such as exception time out, message inbox full or if the number is out of reach. These are the basic reasons for the failure of an SMS: EXP Abssubs – Subscriber is not available at that time  EXP MemexcdContinue Reading

Over 2 billion people in WhatsApp. Leveraging it to your business growth by connecting with your customer is an important step for business communication.  Let us see how can you get your business account verified on WhatsApp: Step 1: Verify your Facebook Business Account a. Go to Security Center inContinue Reading

We are open to provide direct reseller-ship. If you have a monthly volume of more than 5 lac and can purchase minimum 1 Lac at the time of activation you can contact your account manager for converting your account to a Reseller account.Continue Reading

While submitting any request to our server we first generate the response ID and then process it further so at the same instance we will not be able to provide the exact reports of the ID and can only provide the below-mentioned status, If the API is successfully submitted atContinue Reading

DEBUG API There can be different reasons behind your API not working properly. We provide  error codes according to the reason of API failure. On hitting the API, if you  face any issue, you can debug the API in the following manner: Check the response received on calling the API.Continue Reading

What is voice call service?  Voice call service is an automated call that interacts with callers without input from any human, other than the recipient. SmsCart now provides transactional automated voice call system that can place calls and deliver your message. When the system detects a human answer, it playsContinue Reading

A URL shortner is an online application that converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) into its condensed format. The user only has to copy the full URL of a website and paste it into the URL shortening tool to come up with an abbreviated version (shortContinue Reading

When a recipient receives a message from any provider or bank etc., a sender ID along with a prefix is displayed in the inbox. For example- VM-ICICIB, BW-Google, DM-Amazon, and VM-Redbus etc.  The prefixes VM, BW etc. are displayed because SMS is sent in huge numbers via bulk SMS. SMS providers followContinue Reading