To check the Delivery Reports of the messages which you send, follow the below-given steps: 1. Login into your SmsCart account. 2. Select the link Messaging >> Sent Messages option on the dashboard. 3. Select the date with time for which you want to display the delivery reports. 4. HereContinue Reading

You can follow the below-described steps to get the delivery report of short URL: 1. Log in to your account first.  2. Click on the Messaging >> Sent Messaging >> Track Export option. You will see all the created short URL and the detailed report of URL clicks with date, time andContinue Reading

FAILED MESSAGE There can be different reasons for the failure of an SMS such as exception time out, message inbox full or if the number is out of reach. These are the basic reasons for the failure of an SMS: EXP Abssubs – Subscriber is not available at that time  EXP MemexcdContinue Reading